Gilda Midani is a multitalented artist, exploring textiles and shapes as a media to convey her ideas and aesthetic flair.  In the 90’s she designed costumes for theater and opera, allowing her to investigate materials and techniques from diverse historical and technical origins, which, until today, is a mantra for the brand.

Refining comfort, giving it elegance and glamour is the paradox that makes Gilda Midani’s work so special. Clothes that are always suitable for the finest moments;  they are for pushing and pulling, wrapping and tying , to wear and be carried away by delightful sensations of intimacy and coziness.

Gilda creates art pieces from the purest cotton and silk with the concept of timelessness, always exploring movement and texture.  Gilda Midani is constantly refining the definition of Comfort… Always assembling elegance with ease… As free as possible.

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