Hannes Roether founded his company 8 years ago, starting with his first men winter collection for his own brand “Hannes Roether“. He focused the distribution on fashion fairs such as Premium/Berlin, Tranoi/Paris, Who’s next/Paris, and d&a/NY to give direct contact to the buyers. His collections are currently sold to 180 Stores all over the world. In 2007 he opened up his first men’s store in Munich, followed by Hannes Roether woman in 2009, a third Store in Munich in April 2011, women and men stores in Berlin-Mitte in November 2011, and in Maastricht in 2013.


The heart of the collection is high quality knitwear using merino, cashmere and cotton as his main focus. For wovens, he uses long tested work-wear fabrics (of German origin), Italian wool and wool blends. Everything is produced in Europe; completely seamless cashmere knitwear is produced in Germany.


Simple understatement defines his wardrobe. Roethers collection takes a bow to traditional fashion throwing in a pinch of casual and finishes off with a somber color palette creating a line that`s edgy, timeless and incredibly wearable in all scenes. Indestructible fabrics as well as washed and colored Wool combine tradition and modernity. The development of new knitting techniques allows a completely different feeling. Functionality and timeless materials focus on the essential value of the Hannes Roether clothing.