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andrà tutto bene

Apropo Studio NY extends a supporting hand. With the launch of our e-store #Andratuttobene, we would like to help provide relief to the dire situation that has deeply affected our community, and donate 10% of our sales to support Make the Road New York's COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

We are in this together.

Our lives are changing, in ways that were unimaginable. The entire world has seen their schools, restaurants, stores, venues, and most of their businesses closing; the world has seen their people being sent home in lockdown but the world has also seen their neighborhoods coming together more than ever. We are also seeing an increase in innovation, creativity and humanity. The streets might be empty, but the balconies are full, and as we sing in unison, together we will fight this pandemic! 


Apropo has been in business operating out of a showroom for over 30 years, serving our community and our industry in the best way we could: by organizing shows,  and offering beautiful and unique clothing, we were able to bring a lot of joy throughout our community. We intend to keep doing so, and for that reason, today, we change too. Today, we go online.


We are launching our e-store #Andratuttobene for an online Sample Sale where 10% of our profits will go towards those in most need during this crisis. Please help us support Make the Road New York Covid-19 emergency fund and help the families from central Queens which have been hit the hardest among NYC neighborhoods by COVID-19 with more then 7000 cases in the first week of the outbreak. As more and more families are facing illness, as well as sudden loss of income, and are struggling to afford food, medicine, utilities and rent, Make the Road is distributing direct cash aid to individuals and families while also advocating for their inclusion in long-term government relief.

Learn more here.

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Please also help support small business in your community now *and* beyond this pandemic. Small businesses make the world more beautiful and it's up to us to keep them alive


If you don't have the means to contribute financially, thank you so much for reading this far regardless. If you are able to share this post, we would greatly appreciate the support in that way.


Thank you all so, so much. For Kindness ! For beauty! For humanity!

❤️, Apropo Team

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